Tobias Funke is a Knitter!!

6 11 2006

I know this will make Kristen happy! I truly do not understand how Arrested Development was canceled! That show was absolute comedic genius. All of the actors were wonderful at subtlety and timing. I can only imagine the numbers of calories I’d have burned laughing if I’d been a crew member for that show. The MexiChlo (that’s another story, and it’s a testament to how much of a moron my ex-husband is) and I were watching season three of Arrested Development. We were knitting, and suddenly there was Tobias knitting! Kismet I tell you. I need to pop in a Northern Exposure disc and get a shot of Marilyn knitting.

I’ve been trying to knit the Princess Wrap from Classic Elite and I swear I’m cursed. For some reason when I got to row 7 I was missing two stitches. That happened to me THREE TIMES so this morning, before my minions awoke, I cast on and only knitted up row 5, did a purl row, and then row 7 and somehow I managed to knit it correctly. Ah well. I’ll start it again this evening and all will be well. I’m using the wonderfully soft, dark chocolate-colored Alpaca my Blogging Secret Pal sent to me. I love it, and had I been using any other yarn I’m sure I’d have given up. But I love this yarn and so desperately want to make something wonderful for myself with it!

This is perhaps the most boring knitting picture ever. But I felt the need to prove that I do indeed knit. More accurately, that I try to knit.

And, a bit late, here’s the pumpkin I carved at my sister’s house during my visit to Detroit. It’s Jack Skelington! I carve that same design every year.


Finally, I’d like to wish my darling love JungleJim a very happy birthday! (I’m sure he never reads this, but still.) I love you, Jim! The kids love you! We’re so happy to have you in our little family. You make it whole again, in a way that we never were before.




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6 11 2006

LOVE Arrested Development! I agree, it was a shame they cancelled it. Probably too much thinking for the Average Ignorant American to handle.

Love your pumpkin too!!

6 11 2006
the kitchener bitch

First of all, YES that TOTALLY makes me happy! Thanks for posting that. *sigh* O Arrested Development, we hardly knew ye!

And, what a great pumpkin! I’m stealing that for next year.

Happy birthday, JungleJim!

8 11 2006
P del F

Knitting. *sigh* I haven’t progressed very much with my skills there. But Mama is gonna learn me better when we’re on our Christmas vacation to Colorado. I plan to sit in my cashmere pjs, needles in hand, and stare at snow whilst sipping a toddy of some kind. Bliss.

Happy late birfday, Jim!!!

Pssst, that chocolate brown Alpaca looks divine. 🙂

9 11 2006

Woah! Your blog morphed! I was almost ready to get mad at the computer for taking me to the wrong page, and now I’ve forgotten what I was going to say. But I like the new look.

Oh, yeah. And I’m drooling over your alpaca.

18 11 2006

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Arrested Development. D*mn! Why! WHY! Did they cancel it? *sigh*
I rented each season and watched them all. I might rent them again and watch over Thanksgiving holiday. Can’t wait to get my hands on Season 3 during Black Friday.

3 05 2010
Melissa Santiago

The boyfriend and I both love A.D. and watch it still on IFC. The episode with Tobias knitting just aired yesterday and I had to go back and rewind (DVR, God bless you) to show him and remind him how cool knitting was (Just really to rub it in as he loves to tease me).

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