And Now She’s The Kitchener Winner!

21 10 2006

Thank you all for your crazy love! Congratulations to The Kitchener Bitch for not only having the pseudonym which is farthest from her true personality, but also for being drawn out of the Rasta Patch Kid hat as the winner of my How Much Do You Love Me contest!

Here we see my son Nolan mixing up the names.

We also see him drawing out the slip o’ paper.

Finally we see his dismay at possibly having to read out loud the word “bitch.”

What is important here is not the blurry last photo, nor how prim and proper my son is, but how handsome and luscious he is.

Congratulations, my dear KB! And many thanks to everyone else who reads and comments.

I’d like everyone to pay a visit to Brian Sawyer, who would have won a prize for Least Likely to Comment had I been advertising such a thing. But alas, no. His blog is truly chock full o’ crafty goodness and I know fo’ sho’ that you will LOVE it. No need to thank me.




6 responses

21 10 2006
the kitchener bitch

Gosh! Thank you so much! I’m so pleased to have been a formative part of your son’s vocabulary! You’re the bestest, OLPP. And that son of yours is a looker too!

21 10 2006

Ha ha, I’m cracking up at the fact he picked the only name with “bitch” in it! Hee hee!

Where did he get those gorgeous eyelashes?!?

23 10 2006
Brian Sawyer

Now what made me Least Likely to Comment, I wonder?

Anyway, thanks for the link and special praise, even though you say it’s not necessary to say so.

23 10 2006

1. Kristen, you’re welcome! And no no, thank YOU!
2. Bezzie, I asked him where he got them and he replied “At the eyelash store, Mama.”
3. Brian, I meant everyone who will visit and love your site doens’t need to give thanks! One of our favorite Knitty Coffeeshop friends, Turtlegirl, had one of her tutorials listed on the Craft site. So cool!

24 10 2006
Brian Sawyer

Ah, I see.

And we come full circle: I was the one who suggested Turtlegirl’s tutorial to the editors at Craft. 🙂

24 10 2006

your kid is too cute!!!

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