Who ARE these people?

19 10 2006

I just don’t know. Very strange.  (Ok, I know Christie Brinkley and Lara Flynn Boyle.  It must be my teeth, or the tild of my head.  We’re al head-tilting, aren’t we?)




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19 10 2006

Jared Padelecki is on the CW show Supernatural and was also Dean on Gilmore Girls; Christie Brinkley a model (once married to Billy Joel); Jodie Sweetin was the middle kid on Full House; Rachel McAdams was in the Movie the Notebook; Jordana Brewster is an actress whose movies escape me at the moment; Lara Flynn Boyle was on The Practice and also Twin Peaks; don’t know the next two, and Ashley Tisdale is on the Disney Channel.

Apparently I watch WAY too much tv and movies. 🙂

You are REALLY cute.

19 10 2006

I recognize Christie Brinkley but that’s pretty much it.

I’ll trade you my Indian Mystic beard for the Jared Padalecki scruff…

20 10 2006

Wasn’t Melanie Chisholm a Spice Girl?

Oh, gourds, shoot me for knowing that…

Very cute picture of you, btw!

20 10 2006

Yeah, I can see the Christy Brinkley, too. Maybe a combination of the smile, the pretty cheekbones, and the head tilt?

Yesterday I went to have more passport photos taken and got yelled at by the German lady for tilting my head. ‘Scuse me, I’m doing WHAT? Apparently my head just isn’t calibrated to sit upright on my neck – but it certainly didn’t feel tilted to me… /end tilted head rant

20 10 2006

Okay, you are way cuter than LFB!

Nice to put a face to the ‘voice’!

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