I’m Glad I Don’t Knit With My Feet

17 10 2006

I broke my toe. You may ask why I did such a silly thing, and I’ll tell you why. This evening was baseball practice night for my kids. Chloe was up to bat and decided that, rather than hit the ball with the bat, she’d catch it with the inside of her ankle. This decision caused her to fall immediately to the ground while howling in pain. Consequently, I leapt up from my chair, dashing my needles and Manos to the ground, and headed straight for my wailing daughter. I was not deterred by the heap o’ bats on the ground, oh no, my daughter was in pain and I needed to be by her side. My left big toe lingered for a few moments in the pile of bats while the rest of my moved onward and overward. Unfortunately my toe wields some hefty influence over its nail, and despite the strong yearning the nail felt to continue forward with the rest of me, it did in fact hover betwixt me and its toe.

I know this is a pretty obnoxious post. I’d like to thank JungleJim for the big old Ketel One and tonic he made for me immediately upon my arrival at home. I’d like to say I feel better already, but that would be a big fat lie and I’ve given up lying for Advent.          

And, ok, I should have mentioned Miss Thing is just fine.  She’s a lot tougher than her Mama, I guess, because she hopped back up and resumed her position at bat.  I thank you for your concern!  🙂




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18 10 2006

Oh no! Broken toes are so uncomfortable!!! Dr. ReMango prescribes at least 2 hours per day on the couch, feet up, cup of steaming tea (or coffe or cocoa) at your side while you knit on the WIP of your choosing. Hope your tootsies feel better soon!

P.S. Thanks for the compliments on my new ‘do!

18 10 2006

I have heard that SeaSilk has amazing healing properties. Should I write you a prescription?

18 10 2006

Oh no!

And ain’t it great when you go to the doctor and they tell you they can do nothing about broken toes….?

Kudos to JJ for rapid application of alcohol to dull the senses….

I prescribe keeping the darn thing elevated and repeated application of liquid joy! And lots of knitting!

18 10 2006


Oh, mother of pearl — you have my deepest sympathies. Speaking as one who has broken every toe on her right foot at least once (and two of them twice), I can honestly say “I feel yer pain.”

How’s Chloe’s ankle?

18 10 2006

Hope you heal quickly. For now prop up that foot and do nothing but knit ;o)

How is Chloe?

18 10 2006

Awww! You know you’re a mom when….you break your toe rushing to your injured daughter’s side.

19 10 2006

Ew ew ew ew ew!!! Omg, that turned my stomach just *thinking* about it! Yeah, I would have done the same thing (though I’m not sure about throwing the Manos to the ground…), but still…ew!

I do hope yer footies feel better soon, and yeah, continue to liberally apply alcohol to the tongue & throat. It always makes *me* feel better… 😉

19 10 2006

You’re going to need to keep drinking that Ketel One for a few more days in order for your toe to heal properly. I’m a doctor, you know…

Raising a glass to toast your quick recovery – and glad to hear that Chloe is okay!


19 10 2006

I still don’t understand why they can’t fix a broken toe, why it has to heal on it’s own. It’s bones like any other part of your body.

Hope it gets better soon, and here’s hoping that while you recoup, JungleJim keeps bringing on the Kettle One and tonics…. 🙂

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