And so it is!

12 10 2006


I’ve rather run out of patience with Blogger. I’m sure this is a song many have sung. I’ve got to get all of my pictures out of photobucket now, because darn it all if these posts don’t look darned foolish without them.  Ok, obviously they made it here.  I’d also like to share the fact that from now until Friday, October 20th, I’m having a contest, a real one this time.  This is an “I love you and your blog and of COURSE I’d follow you from Blogger!” contest with a real prize.  Next Friday I’ll draw a name from a hat (prolly one that I knitted!) and notify the winner.  Hooray!.




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12 10 2006

Just a heads up – the link from your old blog to this one is kind of misspelled. Oh. I love you and your blog. Where’s my pressie? 😉

12 10 2006

I swear by all things holy that I am going to send out those prizes!!! They are sitting in boxes! Really!

Love you. Love your blog. Hate Blogger, but at this point, the prospect of figuring out what would be involved in moving is more painful than maintaining the status quo. Because I’m all about the inertia, baby!

13 10 2006

Got OldLadyPenPal v2.1 into my bloglines. Isn’t WordPress a hoot?

Oh, and by the way, I *love* your blog. And you, too.

13 10 2006

Consider yourself linked!

13 10 2006

I was going to let you know that the link on your old blog is wrong, but I see Beth already did that.

With all the Blogger issues of late, I’m seriously considering jumping ship as well… was it really quick and easy?

13 10 2006
the kitchener bitch

Good for you. I love WordPress and I loathe Blogger!

13 10 2006

Hmmm…I likey.

My question is though–can you do the same cool stuff like customize your header and junk?

But then again Blogger never hated me. (Knock on wood) We have a good relationship.

13 10 2006

Good move OLPP. Sweet. Easier to read. Besides, I’ve always been firmly in the anti-Blogger camp. You’ve been officially re-bookmarked.

13 10 2006

Wooohooooo….Right on sista!

13 10 2006

Well, I didn’t follow from your old blog, but from the knittyboard. I’m glad you switched to WordPress, and that it was super easy for you. And I’m definitely snagging your RSS feed!

13 10 2006

Linked ya on my sidebar.

WordPress is so much better than blogger.

And fully tweakable, too!



16 10 2006

Hooray for wordpress! I just switched over a few days ago from Blogger, and feel the pain. Blogger is a big PItA.

18 10 2006
Brian Sawyer

I just moved from Blogger to WordPress myself, and the only lingering pains are the broken links for all my self-referential posts and getting all my readers and incoming links moved over.


P.S. Found you via a comment you left on my WordPress blog and then again in the sidebar to another blog I recently discovered, so I figured it was worth dropping in. Like what I see, so I’ll be back. Congrats on the move!

18 10 2006

You are part of my workday reading so I follow the link from Knitty. *waves* Hi, welcome to the darkside, we have cookies!

Haley aka Krysstyllanthrox

19 10 2006
blu roux

Love the blog, loving the new site, and now that I’m caught up, I really gotta subscribe to the RSS feed! I’m usually at least 3 days behind on my fav blogs and webcomics!
Hope the toe is better.
Love the Manos dream swatch scarf.

20 10 2006

PHEW! I’m in for the hat drawing, no? just under the wire? Because you are a bright shiny spot in my days. Even if I haven’t learned to be knotty yet.

20 10 2006

There are 9.5 hours left until super mega prize drawing!

Tomorrow I’ll draw the name and wheeeeee! Won’t that be fun!

(And mad love to Lexy, who sends me knititng stickers!)

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