Should I move to WordPress?

11 10 2006

Would you follow me wherever I may go? Were you suitably impressed with my coining the phrase “Rasta Patch Kid”, so much, in fact, that you’d change a link if’n you have one to this, my lovely site? Do you also wish I’d tame my run-on sentences?




4 responses

11 10 2006

i will follow you where ever you go my dear OLPP

12 10 2006

1. Run-on sentences are one of life’s secret little joys – don’t tame them.
2. I’d have a link to your blog, wherever you went, if I weren’t too lazy to figure out the magical inner workings of the blogger template I’m using.
3. I’m trying to imagine what an entire patch of rasta would look like and my imagination is failing me. Sigh. Too early – need more coffee.
4. About to do the heel turn on Fuzzy Feet! After the coffee, of course.

12 10 2006

To the ends of the earth, darling.

To the ends of the earth.

Of course, you will keep this one and the last post will be your final farewell with a forwarding address, will it not?

12 10 2006

get a moveable type blog…I’m pretty sure I’m cursing myself here, but I have one and have never had problems.

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