The Rasta Patch Kid

8 10 2006

Here’s another Hat For a Kid! This one is for my niece, the delightful Miss Emily. The Froofy Hat, from The Garter Belt again! I love it. It was a very easy and quick knit. The only thing that made me mumble GRRR was my slipped stitches wanted to be ornery. I had to readjust so that the loops were all even. Not bad, though! It looks like a misshapen blob, but for real, it’s cute. I didn’t have a 3 year-old kid around to try it out.

Here it is being worn by Zarah Priscilla, the Cabbage Patch Kid I got when I was 9. That makes this doll….. 23 years old. Holy crap. I’ve just ruined my day.




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8 10 2006

AW, I had a Cabbage Patch doll when I was a kid too! We used to read together. I wish I still had her!

9 10 2006
Penny Karma

Mine was Kelly Anastasia! She lives with my parents. I got a boy one for Ry last year for Christmas and he named it Baby Jesus.

9 10 2006

I never got a Cabbage Patch Kid when I was young. “Too Expensive” was the excuse. Instead, I got a “Blueberry Patch Kid” made out of nylon stockings with painted leather patches for eyes. For real. His name was Bo Berry. Yup. Made out of nylons. Bo had a lot of “scars” and “trips to the emergency room.”

9 10 2006

Mine was Elva Melissa and then a year later I got a boy who I renamed Michael. No middle name. πŸ™‚ Mine are about as old as yours. Dont’ feel bad.

9 10 2006

Cute hat!!!!

I can top Turtlegirl–my mom MADE my cabbage patch doll–out of those old nylons and painted the eyes on. Jesus, I had a knock off of a knock off.

Next hat, you better let Zarah Priscilla light one up! The Po Po doesn’t read this blog do they?!

9 10 2006

Adorable hat. And to make you feel better: I still have a nightie that’s 23 years old. I know this because I ‘inherited'(read: snagged) it from my mom, who bought it before she went to the hospital to give birth to my younger sister. She’s 23.

10 10 2006
Dipsy D.

This hat is really lovely, and just perfect for a kid! And yes, I’m with turtlegirl76 here, I also never got a Cabbage Patch Kid when I was young – of course they had to be imported back then and thus were just a tad too expensive. But I’d have so loved to get one ;(

10 10 2006

I can top turtlegirl and Bezzie – I never got a Cabbage Patch Doll because I was already too damn old to have a Cabbage Patch Doll.

Feel better? Good, ’cause now I just ruined MY day…


P.S. Nice job on the hat!

10 10 2006

Ok, look, I was going to go on Ye Olde Internette and find some pre-loved Kids and mail them out all stealthy-like, but dang, y’all, there are too many stories about childhoods devoid of these dollies.
Perhaps this will be a case when it’s the thought that counds.

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