Swoon! The Rebirth of Mojo

2 10 2006

Ok, yesterday I cast on for this darling hat for my nephew. The pattern comes from The Garter Belt Design Studio. I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to knit the ball, so The Beetle gets a spiraley thing instead! Cute, no? And I gasped when I tore open, with no small amount of ferocity, the package that contained this gorgeous yarn. This yarn comes from the Ceallach Dyes Studio, see that button over there? Apparently solar dyeing is a marvelous thing. Just LOOK at that! I know you want to touch it, maybe bury your face in it. They don’t call this yarn porn for nothin’! I thought of a Candle and Flame shawl, but I don’t know. Any suggestions? It’s laceweight, by the way!

It’s cliche, I know, but the pictures do NOT do this gorgeous stuff any justice whatsoever. It’s American Foreign Policy Justice, that’s what this picture is. Also, I think it’s very important to note that the woman who made this yarn is far more beautiful (in every sense!) than this gorgeous yarn. I love me some CK!




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2 10 2006
purrl (aka the kitchener bitch)

First of all, pardon me while I die from the cuteness of that hat. I am falling over because that is so cute.

There. Now, from the afterlife, on the subject of your gorgeous yarn from Kelley: It reminds me of water. Maybe you could do the Stormwater Shawl with it or do the Creatures of the Reef shawl? If you didn’t want something that specific, I’d just go tromping through a stitch dictionary until I encountered something that looked like seaweed to me.

Don’t forget to get a picture of that hat with a baby in it!

2 10 2006

That is GORGEOUS! I have no suggestions as I haven’t hit the laceweight phase yet, but whatever it is will be stunning I’m sure!

Very cute hat!

3 10 2006
mjm knitting

that yarn is yummy. i will be heading to their website soon to drool some more.

thank you so much for the stitch markers you sent. they are beautiful. why you said they were your first and last attempt at making some is beyond me.

have a great day

3 10 2006


I think I just swooned while looking at your yarn.

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