I’ve lost that knitting feeling, whoooa that knitting feeling.

1 10 2006

So… none of my current projects thrill me. I have a grey with red stripes pair of tube socks to finish. Sock #2 for my Dad. Fuzzy Foot #2 for my Mom. Kitchen cloth for someone. Some hats for nieces and nephew. I just don’t want to do any of it. I really don’t. On Friday I ordered some magnificent yarn from the lovely yarn store whose button you see there. Ceallach Dyes. GORGEOUS stuff. When that arrives I’ll start on a candle and flame shawl with it. In the meantime, I’m tired of this sturdy stuff.

It has come to pass that I am indeed signed up for the Blogger Secret Pal #9! Woohoooo! I’ve been looking at many of the blogs of other participants and heavens aren’t I a crab ass in comparison! Since this is the Blogger SP and not a Knitty SP, naturally my blog will have a big part in this. Should I cut out the cussing? The ceaseless complaining about my ….. well, since I am no longer employed by the short man RY, I won’t be complaining about my job. And for some reason SH is going through a Reasonable Human Being Phase. I guess I could spazz about the apparent Entry Into Puberty by the lovely Miss Chloe, but she’s spazzing enough on her own, so no. Oh, I’ve got it. I’ll whinge about the fact that JungleJim insists in wearing his bluetooth thingie at all times, no matter the degree and consistency of my not at all subtle mockery. Ok then! I have nothing to complain about.




One response

1 10 2006

JungleJim’s earpiece is always on? I’ve got a coworker like that. At first I thought she was hard of hearing and it was a hi-tech hearing aide, so I tried to pretend it wasn’t there! Ha ha!

Give it a little time, your knitting mojo will return.–>

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