Woman of Leisure, Part 2

26 09 2006

Because Blogger ate Part One.

So yesterday morning, after my thousandth bitch to the universe about how I hated my job, I began filling out my grad school application. The deadline is next week…. Anyway, dropped the kids off at school, came home and did about on hour of work/grad application/griping again about the job, and then I got this email from my now former boss:

To: Kathy
From: Bossman
Re: Last day


I am traveling right now, up in the Bay Area, but I need to call you to discuss in person, the reasons that we are unable to continue employment for you here with us.

I will be authorizing a final payment to you, as a 2 week severance pay, just because I don’t like having to do this and understand that you are on hard times.

With (name of big/only real client removed because I don’t wanna get sued) on a holding pattern, I need to focus our attention on generating new sales for the company and will not have the time to dedicated to train you further and keep you pointed in the right direction.

I will ensure you receive all commissions owed for any of the checks we receive on any candidates for (that big client) or other clients in which you participated in the resume formatting or background, etc.

I will be happy to provide a reference for you.

I will call you later today to complete an exit.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news on a Monday,


Well! Apparently in addition to being a rather poor business man, (and I mean poor in both quality of character and the monetary sense) he’s a HUGE Sex in the City fan. Who knew that people could actually be so … so … lame, and as my dear friend and mentor Laurie says, “ball-less” as to fire someone in an email! It’s like leaving a post-it that reads “I can’t do this anymore” or right now or whatever he wrote to dump Carrie. The truth is, there was nothing for me to do. There weren’t enough consultants being hired to keep me busy with processing them, there weren’t enough job orders for me to recruit for, and I hated sales the way Tibalt hated Romeo: without sense, without reason, simply for BEING. (that’s not why Tibalt hated Romeo, but it was the only example that i came up with.) So this job clearly was on its last leg. But I resent the statement that I require more training.

If you must know, I believe I am smarter than this man. His email up there is precisely how he sent it to me, bad grammar and rampant misuse of punctuation and all! His emails to our clients are the same, with names not properly capitalized, multiple exclamation points and question marks. Who does that? He also goes nuts with the bold, italics, and underlining. Any email from ExBossMan is sure to be typed in no fewer that three colors. Anyway, I think I’m smarter than he is, so for him to say I need more training is what bugs me the most. Not being unemployed, not being fired, but the fact that this dummy says I need more training. Pffft.

Also, not that it’s any of his business, but I am not “on hard times.” I have a nest egg, I’m no dummy. Could it be that he realized he didn’t pay me a decent salary? Perhaps. But I’m not “on hard times.” Asshat.

Here’s another tidbit, and perhaps someone could offer a bit of clarification: This weekend I asked the payroll department (his SISTER) why $200/month was being taken out of my paycheck for health/dental when the company covered all of our costs. That was Saturday. And on Monday I got the boot. Hm….

Now, as you know, I was going to quit. I’d been bitching about it for weeks. It takes me a long time to leave a job. I have a hard time with what I imagine would be letting people down, even when I’m miserable. It’s not that I believe I’m so great and will devastate the Left-ee, no, it’s that I’m a coward and don’t like confrontation. There. I said it. And on Blogger, no less, so it HAS to be true!

So ExBossman did me a favor, I guess, since now not only do I not have to work for him, but I can also collect unemployment! Do you think that would sour him on his promise to pay me my commissions, though? Because that’s not typical. Usually, once you’re gone you’re gone and they pocket any money you had coming. Must investigate this further.

Here’s my to-do list today:

1. Get fingerprinted and send in the card to the people who process it.
2. Call leasing office about our plague o’ crickets
3. Call surrounding school districts and set up interviews for substitute teaching
4. Order all college transcripts to be sent to ASU.
5. Pick my butt.
6. Watch TV with a clear conscience.
7. Finish grad school application and have my darling Yorkstress eyeball my Personal Statement.

Well, lovelies, there we have it.




4 responses

26 09 2006

I had the worst time leaving my last job, and it was literally causing me physical pain. I went from being in pain about 75% of the time to being pain free 90% of the time. That guy is a real ass. There was a news story a few weeks ago about radio shack doing that to some people. You could probably take them to small claims court over the health and dental. But, hey, like you said, now you get unemployment this way.

26 09 2006

Good for you getting out there and doing what you really want to do! You inspired me to pursue a part time teaching job in design here in the city. I’ve been thinking about it for about 2 years and now I’m going to get my act together.

28 09 2006

Fingerprinted? are you a crim?
items 5+6 cool, chillin’
kick landlords but over infestation.

And above all get what is yours from that grotbag ex boss and his dodgy sounding company, questioning what the $200 is for should not warrant the sack (even if you where planning on leaving)

2 10 2006

Asshat is right. I’m so glad you’re no longer in this whackjob’s employ.

Grad school and subbing seem to be much better suited to your skillz and inclinations! New beginnings…

Missing you lately.
xx A

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