Sing yourself some Barry White

26 09 2006

Ok, I’ve been finger printed and now eagerly await my clearance card. In anticipation of being employed outside the home, and knowing that Lucette needed a friend, I went out and picked up a new piggie. Chlo thinks her name is Gonzo, but that won’t do. Piggie #2 is beautiful, she’s got crazy hair and a little cowlick. I’d take pictures of her, but Lucette won’t leave her alone long enough for me to get in a picture. Turns out Miss Lucette enjoys the intimate company of ladies! Who knew? (I’m sure this is a normal guinea pig getting-to-know-you thing, don’t be scolding me now!) They’re very cute together, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness together here in our home. The Misses Piggies will be instrumental in teaching my children that it doesn’t matter WHO we love, but rather THAT we love. Thank you. Yeehaa, hot guinea pig pr0n! This hot love, by the way, is taking place on my son’s bed while the sheets are being washed. Lucette whizzed on them last night. I do allow my children to sleep on nice sheets and blankets, I promise.
(Lucette is the white and gray smooth girl, #2 is the crazy mohawk girl)




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26 09 2006

Now you’re sure they’re both girls? Listen to me, I have no idea what a guinea pig boy or girl would even look like! Not that there’s anything wrong with same-sex guinea pig relations. I’m more concerned about unplanned piggie pregnancy!

Too cute, the both of them!

26 09 2006

they remind me of these two room-mates I had that left their door open all the time 😛 …. Also, Congrats on your new job situation — Change is the thing that reminds you that you’re alive! (whether you want it to or not)

27 09 2006

Yee haw, hot piggy love! Do they spark a ciggy after?

Trust me, that’s not as easy as it looks. 😉

27 09 2006
Penny Karma

And I thought Ron Jeremy was The Hedgehog! Promise me that if your next Piggie is a guy, you’ll name him either Ron or Jeremy.

Piggie #2, if she is indeed a girl, needs a subtle porn star name like Amber Waves (from Boogie Nights) or Marilyn (Chambers) or Jenna (Jamison) or Chasey (Lain) or Linda (Lovelace) or Nina (Hartley) and I just realized I know a lot of old school porn stars. I feel so skanky.

Then again, I’m not the one posting Softcore Lesbian Rodent Porn on my blog.

27 09 2006

SOftcore Lesbian Guinea Pig Porn is the ONLY kind of porn for me! (After i’m done with the leather and whips sutff, that is…)

28 09 2006



28 09 2006

I highly recommend those big plastic balls the piggies can run around in… very entertaining!

29 09 2006

Actually, pigs hump each other all the time. It can show dominance or just a little…erm…exploration. CMTigger has loads of pigs. Ask her about your Humping Henriettas there. She’ll tell you there’s naught to worry about.

CUTE pigs, btw. I am SOOOO jealous. I LOVE me some guinea pigs but am not allowed to have one right now…grrr.

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