But but but! Bossman, I don’t REALLY hate you! WAIT A MINUTE!

21 09 2006

Yeah, never mind. I really do hate bossman. Get this. I just realized that for the past two months my paychecks have been about $100 less then previous weeks. Hm. I wonder what’s going on? So I emailed our payroll department, aka Bossman’s sister and asked if I were crazy or were my payckecks less. She said that more deductions were being taken out for our health and dental. That’s weird, because previously we had ZERO taken out. Bossman pays up to $450/month for our health and dental. Fine, we were well below that, believe it or not. So how does our premium suddenly increase by $200 a month? Doesn’t that seem a little…. steep? Especially since the cost covered was less than $450? And oops, she “forgot” to tell me. Never mind, Boss. I DO hate you. I quit. This isn’t right and if you think I”m sticking around for this shady shit, you’re nuts. HA! Such silliness. The problem with working for a small business owner is that his dreams are not my own. That doesn’t mean I don’t care about my job, it just means that I’m here to do a job, not chase after his dream with him. And so, Bossman, I’ll be leaving you. I need to sit down with JungleJim and figure out the logistics first, but I’ll be leaving you. Does anyone have any idea how indcredibly happy I am to be going into teaching? Becoming a certified substitute is as easy as a) having a BA and b) getting finger-printed. Voila! Substitute teacher. I laugh myself silly imagining my classroom once my Masters degree is done. I know why I waited so long, I know why I get into this rut. But it just feels SO good to be getting out of it!


Here are some things I’ve knitted, just so people know I’m not an interloper in the Knittyboard! I belong there, I really do! Because blogger gives me hives when it comes to uploading pictures, here are the descriptions in no particular order. The red and purple thing is going to be a pair of Red Had Ladies’ Society-style Fuzzy Feet (Theresa, Grand Authoress of the pattern, has no affiliation with the Red Hat Ladies, I’m sure) for my mother. I think individually the colors are gorgeous. Together they’re clownish, but hey. All for you, mother. Both colors are Knit Picks WOTA, tomato and amythest.

The brown and blue sock, which I happen to think is absolutely AWESOME, is for my Dad. The pair are his Christmas present from me and the kids. I LOVE them! The yarn is Cascade and then Lamb’s Pride wool/mohair on the toe and heel. They’re SO comfy, my kids now want a pair. I’ll give them DPNs instead!

The purple thing… that’s going to be a Froofy Hat from The Garter Belt Design Team. (Hooray, Zib, creator of wondrous things and check out that gorgeous kid, would ya? She just breaks my heart.) I don’t know, I like the colors, I LOVE the pattern, but they don’t go well together. The pattern is getting lost in the colors and they each deserve to be the star. On the other hand, with a color combo like that, maybe a subtle pattern is good? I don’t know. It’s for mi big girl niece Bananne. My little girl niece will receive one in yellow. The yarn is stuff I picked up from JoAnn’s, the light purple is all wool and the dark is some soft fuzzy thing. Very warm, very sturdy….

And there we have it! Today has been such a day, what with the email fiasco and all. But it’s turned out very well so far! Hooray!




2 responses

21 09 2006

I happen to like the red and purple together… maybe that will be my next colour combo.. I have both hiding in the stash..

22 09 2006

OLPP read my blog! OLPP read my blog! Okay, I’m calm now. Really. I’m not jumping up and down. Anymore. I swear.

Would love to hear more about adventures in sub teaching. I’ve been thinking of doing it myself.

[Snarky comment about ex husband]. Now I’m starting to get the idea about why I always hated military doctors so much.

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