I love you, Guinea Pig!

12 09 2006

This Sunday we got a guinea pig. Why? Why did we do this? My kids have several cats and a few dogs at their father’s house. I held onto a smug pride that our house is not overrun by Animals and Their Smell. A few months ago, however, I decided we should have a small dog. Thank heavens I realized that I do not want a dog because the responsibility and cost are too much. Then I decided that I wanted to have another baby. I was consumed with this desire, it was all I could think about. My kids are nearly ten and 8 1/2 years old, so it’s been a while since I’ve done baby things. Anyway, I WANTED that baby, I NEEDED that baby, the soft skin, the baby hair, the tiny hands and feet, nursing, baths, everything. And then I called my older sister who has a four year-old, a three year-old, and a 1.5 year-old. Afterwards, I no longer wanted a baby. But I needed something to care for, something that didn’t make a lot of poop, a big stench, or would take up a lot of space in our home. So on Sunday Chlo and I went to the pet store and spied with our little eyes this little creature: I know. She’s too precious. Chlo named her Lucette. Not Lettuce, Lucette. Ok then. I LOVE this guinea pig. I love her in ways I never knew it was possible to love a rodent. She is snuggly, funny, sweet, sometimes spastic, and an endless source of entertainment. I love her. And since I work at home, she is very often on my lap munching an orange or the occasional carrot. Yes. I have flipped my lid over a guinea pig, me, the person who has trouble forming attachments to animals. (Yes, her eyes are red but she is NOT possessed by the devil. We made sure to ask. And she’s nowhere near chewing distance of the cables you see.)

Ok. Moving on because I’m starting to sound creepy to myself, even.
Here’s one of the socks I’m knitting for my Dad. It’s a Christmas surprise, so Dad, on the one in a quadrillion chance that you’re reading this, stop looking.
yep. There it is. Let me tell you about this sock. But first, I must give mad love to Theresa once again, whose Fuzzy Feet taught me how to knit a sock. Hooray! Ok. So this sock. When I added the blue for the heel I must have added it on a knit row, or a purl row, I don’t know. Now, instead of knitting each row, I had to turn the sock inside out and purl every row. I don’t know how that happened, and it seems simple enough to fix, but then I’d be going back over a row and wouldn’t I then have a dropped stitch or a hiccup or something? I don’t know, so I soldier on and keep purling. I hate purling, I truly do. I can’t purl with my eyes closed and it takes me forever. So Dad, I really love you. Hope you enjoy these socks!

And that, my friends, is all because Miss Piggie needs some cuddles. (This is so unlike me!)




9 responses

12 09 2006

So cute! Actually, it looks like the entire guinea pig would fit in the sock. Now there’s a fun experiment…

12 09 2006

ahhh cute! ;o)

12 09 2006

They are cute! And I much prefer the brown ones to the white ones. (Does that make me a guinea pig bigot?) Can you get her to do that purr-type thing they do when they’re happy? So sweet!

12 09 2006

Awww, super cute. It’s always nice to have animals that aren’t super high on the maintenance scale. Hence why I’m REALLY fond of my newts. 😉

Your sock is looking fanastic!

13 09 2006

Cute, and just think, no shedding or large messes to clean up! 🙂

13 09 2006
the kitchener bitch

Guinea pigs are the bestest! Don’t make the mistake my parents did and get a boy guinea pig, though, or you swill find that you suddenly have 24,386 guinea pigs.

13 09 2006

congratulations on your new baby!

one more sock, right?

15 09 2006

AWWWWWW, guinners!! I ADORE guinea pigs. They are SOOOO much fun, and the little noises they make (the guinea pig songs) are sooo sweet.

I’ve been after hubby to let me have a guinner for ages. I’ve had pet mice my whole life, so I understand rodent love completely. Warm fuzzies, that’s what they are.

See if Lucette likes cilantro…

(hehehe…guinea pig bigot…hehehe)

15 09 2006

Aww– Ive always wanted a litle guinea– Have you ever seen cuteoverload.com ? they have some cute pix of guineas (among some other critters)

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