On Boppa and Knitting

7 09 2006

For some reason we called my dad’s dad Boppa. And our grandmother was called Banna. Last year Boppa died after a very serious injury that he sustained while at the assisted living facility that was supposed to see him safely through his twilight years, not shuffle him out as quickly as possible. Boppa was crushed by the swinging door which led to the kitchen of the grand dining room. This is heart breaking on its own, but made even more so by the fact that he was the third person to have been injured by this door. Anyway. Throughout his life Boppa was the absolute picture of generosity, compassion, love, and companionship. He was extraordinarily gentle and strong, and was the kind of grandfather every child deserves. I miss him every day.This was taken when my kids and I left their father in California and moved to Wisconsin. If this picture doesn’t melt your heart, then you have no heart. Bah. When we had Boppa’s funeral, I cried and cried when the Navy people played Taps and folded his flag. I was in the Navy, too, and that made Boppa incredibly proud of me. This morning I emailed this picture to the attorney who is handling the wrongful death suit. Anyway. We love you, Boppa. We miss you terribly and we think about you every day.

And now, happier things because I’m going to make myself cry.

I finished my first pair of Fuzzy Feet, as designed by the delightful Theresa! These were fun, and one of the best things is that the myriad mistakes I made were magically felted away! Sure, they’re not even remotely the same shape, but JungleJim loves them, and that’s all I need!

I’m also knitting a pair of these for my mother for X-Mas, red and purple so they’re all red hat lady-ish.

Here they are, before and after.

And here we are!




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7 09 2006
Penny Karma

All right.

A) You and JungleJim are totally cute! He really seems like a winner, and by “winner” I mean a dude who’s not afraid to get his picture taken in felted socks.

B) You were in the Navy? You get cooler and cooler.

C) I miss Boppa too now. What a sweet picture.

7 09 2006

Awww…what a sweet picture of your son and his great grandpa. I’m glad to hear your family is seeking damages. I mean it’s one thing if an elderly person slips in the shower, but a door? That’s just awful!!

Nice fuzzy feet! What kind of yarn did you use? Are they soft enough?

7 09 2006

nice family photos

7 09 2006

I agree. That IS a sweet picture of your grandpa. He sounds like a lovely man and you are truly blessed to have had him in your lives.

Go Navy! (I just like the uniforms…hehehehe)

8 09 2006

Aww *sniff* What PennyKarma said.

8 09 2006

*sniff* What turtlegirl76 said.

9 09 2006

Sorry to read of Boppa’s death from a swing door, can hadly credit the fact that he was the third person to whom it had happened.

As for the fuzzy feet, the before and after shots are good, I could hardly believe they where the same ones.

9 09 2006
mjm knitting

“sniff” where’s a cat to hug when you need one?

cute socks.

you two look adorable!

9 09 2006
Fiber Follies

I’m sad for Boppa, and for your loss of a wonderful man. Words cannot describe the helpless fury of such an undignified passing.

Your Fuzzy Feet are great.

12 09 2006

I’m so sorry about Boppa. That kind of tragedy leaves me at a loss something to say, and that’s rare.

On a brighter note: nice Fuzzy Feet.

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