Attention Prize Winners! and Titles

5 09 2006

MJM Knitting
Penny Karma
and Batty!

Please either PM your address to me on knitty or email it to mypipola at yahoo (dot) com. I shall mail your Ultra Mega Book Title Guessing Game Prize!

And no, those weren’t Harlequin Romance novels, you silly Soapy!

Ok. Here they are:
Haroun and the Sea of Stories, by Salman Rushdie (and this is a GORGEOUS story for kids)
I Thought my Father Was God, a collection by NPR
The Bourne Ultimatum, by the guy who wrote it
Let’s see, there are some Shakespeare analysis books, some Spanish poetry, a book on Buddhism and on the next shelf-

King Lear, Penguin Edition
Homer’s The Iliad
Great Expectations
Heart of Darkness
Tess of the D’Urbervilles
Atlas Shrugged
Vanity Fair
The Chocolate War
Beyond the Chocolate War (and if you ever watch the movie version of The Chocolate War after reading the books, you’ll agree, I’m sure, that the movie has a MUCH better ending, which nullifies Beyond the Chocolate War. I like Robert Cromier, though.)
Girl in Hyacinth Blue
The Historian (this I found to be incredibly dry, but the historical context was very engaging)
Players, another Shakespeare analysis
Zen Meditations on Motherhood
Lord of the Flies, which is the singularly most depressing book EVER written, it truly is.
Micro Robert French dictionary
Two US History texts
The Golden Compass
The Subtle Knife
The Amber Spyglass, all three the His Dark Materials Trilogy. Very interesting stuff. Some parts made me cry.
The Rhetoric and Poetics of Aristotle (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff, I really do. And I love the prof I had for this class, good ol’ what’s-his-name)
And the Susan Cooper The Dark is Rising series, which I highly recommend for not-yet teen readers.


French in Review
Cassell’s Spanish/English Dictionary
Complete Works of Shakespeare, which was printed in the 1850s and bears the inscription “To Anna, From Harry” (this was a Christmas gift I received from a man who dumped me the day after Thanksgiving. He loves me. Too bad, Gay Kelley! Too bad!)
Another Spanish/English Dictionary
The Cider House Rules (and it’s interesting to note that nearly every one of John Irving’s books contains incest, a dead mother, adoption, and some sort of bodily mutilation. Maybe interesting is the wrong word.)
The Professor and the Madman, which is a very fascinating story of how the OED came to be.
The Lion in Winter
The Bacchae of Euripides
Some meditation book by some swami, and her autographed picture is inside. No idea where I got this.
The DaVinci Code (and did you know that I won one of Google’s prizes when this movie first came out? I did.)
The Prodigal Summer (and THIS book made me cry, a real boo hoo cry)
Naked (honestly, everyone should read David Sedaris)
Small Gods
The Pilot’s Wife
Saving Fish From Drowning
Darwin’s The Origin of Species
Assassination Vacation (much better than The Partly Cloudy Patriot)
Lamb, the Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal (and even though I knew how this story would end, it still made me cry)
Fun With the Family: Arizona Road Trips
Backroads- Arizona Highways magazine book

These aren’t all of my books. Some are scattered around my house, some are buried under knitting, some are on other shelves and I didn’t feel like squinting or getting up again.

Why all the French and Spanish dictionaries? I used to be a linguist and lived in Spain.
Why so many English Lit-looking books? I was an English major and kept the texts. I finished my BA in ’04, and will start my Master’s program in January, hope hope. And so much Shakespeare because one can truly never have enough Shakespeare. I brought tears to my professor’s eyes with my Romeo and Juliet paper. Why all the Buddhist stuff? I don’t know.

Anyway, thank you to the players! Prizes will be mailed this weekend. Hooray!




7 responses

5 09 2006
mjm knitting

i’m so excited to have won a prize. i never win prizes. congrats to all of us. i will send you my snail mail address momentarily. thanks olpp you rock.

5 09 2006

Well shoot, now I want to know what all the book titles were!

5 09 2006

Holy cow! I won something? I want to know what the titles were too!


5 09 2006

Holy cow I didn’t even attempt to figure out those top shelf ones!!!

6 09 2006

I won something! I never win anything, this is so exciting! : )

And I love, love, love Aristotle. I took ancient philosophy, a class just on Aristotle, and Medieval philosophy because it had all the neo-Aristotelian stuff in it.

Oddly enough, I’m a Platonist (academic skeptic, to be exact), but Aristotle is wonderful. Oddly enough, his Categories are my favorite book by him.

6 09 2006
Penny Karma

BA English ’92 baybeeeeeeeeee!

You’re cool.

7 09 2006

very silly soapy is all bubblllly…LOL
Slow going recovering….;o)

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