Coffee vs. Tea

29 08 2006

I love coffee. I am forever trying to create a reasonable impersonation of what I used to enjoy in Rota, a delicious concoction called cafe con leche. Cafe au lait, had I lived in France. Coffee with milk in any language, but no one makes coffee like the Spaniards. Turkish coffee, customarily enjoyed at Yussef’s Middle Eastern Grocery and Restaurant has its merits, but I stand by my coffee Pledge of Loyalty: No one makes coffee like the Spaniards. Today my coffee must be made strong, with a few splashes of Coffeemate Hazelnut creamer. This morning there was only a splash and a half. A lesser woman would declare her day ruined.
I rummaged through my cabinets for something, ANYthing caffeine-related. There was some tea, and I spied with my little eye my Tea For Moods. Perfect! I grabbed the box and it proudly proclaimed to not have any caffeine. What kind of crap is that??? Tea for BAD moods, meaning it will cause one! So instead I grabbed the Yerba Mate.
Now. Did you know that traditionally Yerba Mate tea is drunk with the leaves still in the drinking vessel? Yes. And now there are special straws made to facilitate this, with little screens on the end so as to sift out the leaves. I don’t know, my sister told me this, but it may have been a sly reference to smoking some other sort of leaf, so don’t take my word for it. Heavens.

Coffee is for waking up, becoming human. Coffee is the start of a new day and the preparation for said day. Coffee is an introduction, a sit down and gather yourself. Coffee is to enjoy, whether it be alone, with a friend, or in a shop full of strangers all trying not to giggle at the open mic guy rambling about his kite (bongo bongo) stuck in a (bongo) tree(bongobongobongobongo). Coffee MEANS it, sincerely and brazenly. Coffee waits for you. Coffee reminds you every time of why you love it so.

Tea is a last minute stand-in. Tea is a trial. Tea is a lazy dare. Tea is picked last for the team. Tea is a poseur. Tea is an empty commitment. Tea is a disappointed crush. Tea is the sound of wind through closed windows. Tea is the superfluous cheerleader beside the pyramid. And Boba Tea is a choking hazard.




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29 08 2006
Penny Karma

Them’s fightin’ words! I’d call you out if I weren’t such a lazy poseur passing wind with the windows closed…

I’ll send you some good tea.

29 08 2006

Tea is ritual. Tea is introspection. Tea is patience. Tea is civilization.

29 08 2006

Coffee is bloodstream. Coffee is industry. Coffee is movement. Coffee is the market in Tangiers. Tea is the camel ride. Tea is a lover who leaves you unsatisfied. Tea is pinky-up.

30 08 2006

AMEN to that… from a fellow coffee-lover;)

31 08 2006

tea is your Friend 😦

2 09 2006

I like tea!!

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