Feets! and thank you, Favorite Color Swap Pal!

27 08 2006

Hooray for blogstalking!

Here are my feet, just up and resting.

And now in the partial fuzzy foot I’ve been working on for JungleJim.

Here are my son’s feet, and there are a few things I’d like to point out about this picture.
His right foot is covered in a blob of freckles. It’s not dirt, and he’s forever being told to wash it before he gets in the pool, etc. Next, I’d like to draw your attention (as if it’s not there already!) the the sheet upon which he’s sitting. Those are the sweetest, 70s-era sheets still in rotation. My grandmother, The Geege, gave them to me in her Great Purge when she moved to Scottsdale last year from Indianapolis. Was I grateful? Well. I took them out of the box in anticipation of a quick trip to the Goodwill drop-off when Nolan spotted them. “Mama! I LOVE those sheets!” Has he not watched enough Queer Eye with me? Pfft. Ooh, here are my feet in their Emmy Award Red Carpet Shoes. If you want to see the rest of the outfit, it migh tbe posted later on PennyKarma‘s blog. I can’t make any promises. I may have crossed a line.

Also, I’ve been lazy/embarrassed by my laziness. My Favorite Colors Swap pal, Elspeth, sent me a really fun package! Check out these goodies!

Not pictured (because we ate them) are a few Ghiardelli chocolates with caramel, a lovely little bag of salted roasted almonds, a chocolate and peanut butter candy bar, and a box of super yummy cookie sticks from the Asian market! YUM! Yeah, my kids and I were in the car and ate the above-mentioned treats before we could take a picture.
Also not pictured is a very pretty little green box with some stitch markers! I think, though I may be wrong, that Elspeth made them. And they’re not pictured because I’ve killed the camera battery and took that picture without the box. I stink. They will undoubtedly show up in a WIP sometime soon!
I LOVE the lip balm, and how funny is a bar of soap called ‘naive’? The yarn is a spring-y concoction that will make an excellent hat for my sister, and since Chlo adopted the sunglasses, she thouhg it only appropriate to knit a sunglasses case WITH the sunglasses. Yes. As in, she’s using the arms of the glasses as knitting needles. Crazy kid! But it works. She rules!
Thanks again, Elspeth!




5 responses

27 08 2006

Ha ha! I’m always doing the same with my son’s sandal tan thinking it’s dirt!

Good job putting the fuzzy feet on your head first and then your foot and not vice versa 😉

27 08 2006

Heh, pre-felting fuzzy feet really are not meant to be worn. I can stick both of my feet into DH’s unfelted fuzzy feet. I think they may also fit my head.

Those are cute flip flops! Sparkly, and perfect with formal wear. Maybe I should take some pictures of my rhinestone flip flops, come to think of it…

Thanks for the inspiration!

28 08 2006

Freckles on foot=good (could have been on the neck or face)
Buying soap called Naive, no worse than buying water called evian.
Bungie wool?!?!
Using the arms of the sunglasses to nit a bag for said glasses? video of that one please, as I’m still comming to terms that pointy sticks make jumpers.
Chin, chin.

28 08 2006

Fuzzy foot=baggy sock?

30 08 2006

Got to love the local Japanese store!

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