If I needed a bank robber costume….

25 08 2006

… this would be part of it.

I’m knitting Fuzzy Feet, first for LoverMan JungleJim and then for Mother Mayhem (this would be a cool blog name for someone who sews, but I’m actually talking about my own mother). I was struck by how much my pitiful attempts resembled a bank robber ski mask. I could not resist.




7 responses

25 08 2006

LOL! Felony Knitting, by OldLadyPenPal…

And I give you kudos to knitting a pair for your mom, after the frustration from your last post!

25 08 2006
Penny Karma

I think you should rob a bank wearing THIS:

25 08 2006

Carefull now.
You could take someones eye out with that thing…

25 08 2006

You saw “The Hoff” as well eh?

Isn’t it dreadfull?

Gone was my supper.

26 08 2006

I think this is normal. I just knit DH a second pair (he wore out the first), and pre-felting, they fit on my head. So that’s a good sign.

Of course, if this pair felts up too big, I’ll let you know. In that case, it’s a bad sign…

28 08 2006

Fuzzy Feet! YAY!

28 08 2006

I am thinking that this might not be a good idea, as the handknit masks would kind of make it easy….but the gang name would be easy…..

Knit One, Steal Two
Not your grandma’s bank robbers

Oh God…..I just thought of a post for my blog! check it out….

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