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23 08 2006

Last week I put up something rather unkind about my mother and her scrapbooks. Fearing the wrath of all that is good on the universe, I deleted it. It was, after all, rather mean and I’m not. Obviously I am, which is why I wrote it. But anyway. The Geege is sprung loose from the hospital, Pop is being taken care of for the next two weeks by his sons and their wives, and my mother STILL won’t come down to help The Geege because “I would be doing for her things that she should be doing for herself.” That does it. What kind of heartless CRAP is that??? The Geege is 78 years old, for God’s sake! She has diabetic neuropathy in her legs and lives in a fair amount of pain. Pop has Alzheimer’s and tries The Geege’s last nerve which has been frayed something fierce by life in general. AAAAAaaaaaaaaaacccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My mother does not work. She sits around and makes scrapbooks and “spends [my] father’s money on therapy.” That’s it, Mother, you officially REALLY SUCK.
Now. In order to salvage any sort of decency I may have, I’ll share this picture. This was taken when we went to my (now ex-) husband’s ex-girlfriend’s wedding to her wife. I love that sentence. Anyway, they’re San Francisco web millionaires and their wedding was amazing. They gave this picture to us in a black and silver frame as a thank you for coming to their ceremony. To this day I love those women.

It’s an old picture. That scrumptious baby is the sewing boy you see a few posts down.




2 responses

23 08 2006

What a great photo, and great memory!

23 08 2006

That’s a great shot!

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