This actually removes pennies from the karma bank…

21 08 2006

This is for our dear Penny Karma.

This is for everyone.




9 responses

21 08 2006
Penny Karma

Oh, GOD!

It’s worse than the Strategically Placed, Sexually Harrassed Sharpeis!!!

21 08 2006

i’m torn between hoping and fearing that JUST ONCE his penis will appear.

21 08 2006

It’s like a car accident – you want to look away to avoid the inevitable nightmares, but somehow you just can’t.

23 08 2006

My goodness, I need some motion sickness pills, STAT!

23 08 2006

Wrong. So wrong.

24 08 2006

I can actually feel the pubic hair stuck in my teeth …..OMG, did I just write that……

25 08 2006

Oh my God you MADE me stare at David Hasselhoff’s CROTCH! You evil, evil woman!

25 08 2006


Make it go away, make it go away.

Too much Hoff, far too much

27 08 2006
Bad Amy

I think I feel kinda queasy…. must look away.

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