Thom Yorke, I love you and all, but….

17 08 2006

Perhaps you could have done a little better than “I’m like a dog, I’m a lap dog, I’m a lap dog, I’m in your lap, I’m a lap dog.” I miss the days of “My thoughts are misguided, I’m a little naive. I twitch and I salivate like with myxomatosis.” Perhaps it’s time to ring up the boys and get Radiohead going, eh? No offense. Harrowdown Hill is excellent, but that bit about the lap dog is very far from your best effort.

I got my Mason Dixon Knitting book in the mail yesterday and HOORAY! It’s far more entertaining than I originally anticipated, and I anticipated quite a bit so imagine my glee. I’m almost my own club, there’s so much glee. There are actually patterns that I’ll use. As a matter of fact, (chhhhwoapsshhhhhh!) Take a peek at THIS little number I like to call My Older Sister’s Future Dish Cloth:

Perhaps you’ve noticed all those trailing bits at the end. I don’t know how to carry yarn. And I fear having huge tabs at the end so I cut them. That might not be what’s intended, but look. It’s a dishrag. It’s going to wipe up chewed up food blobs that fell out of youngsters’ mouths, probably some cat barf, grease, and whatever else might need a’wipin’, so who cares? Anyway, back to work. There’s a grindstone that needs a groove the shape of my nose in it.




2 responses

19 08 2006

It will work out fine if you just pull the yarn to get rid of any droopage at the begining of the changeover row. That way you will have a jagillion fewer ends to weave in!

25 08 2006

Knitted keyboards….this id wyrd.

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