Is The Flavor of Love a real show?

15 08 2006

Or are they all just kidding? You know, making fun of The Real World or Big Brother and The Bachelor and whatnot. I can’t imagine these people are SERIOUS. They can’t be, which means there is some FINE acting going on over there. “Dear God, forgive me for beating that bitch ass up” “You hit me first!” “Don’t be interrupting my prayers!” “You hit me FIRST! This isn’t Compton!” “I didn’t say Compton, I said 40th and Crenshaw!” “Close enough! And you hit me first!”
This cannot POSSIBLY be real. Surely they know this is a complete farce. And did any of those women KNOW who Flava Flav IS before they went on the show? Because some of them mommas look to be barely 19, but who am I to judge? I’m most startled by the Cindy Brady lisp-girl. Is she trying to impart a sense of light-hearted innocence? “People, don’t be judging uth ladieth in the houthe, I have a lithp!” I’th all truly beyond my comprehenthion.
Will I have to keep watching this show in order to determine its sincerity? Or will I be satisfied that it is what it is, and since it’s NOT Compton but 40th and Crenshaw, I don’t have to watch anymore?
Ooh, Flava just compared the Lithp Girl to Mike Tython. Oh no he di’int! (Did I spell that right?)




One response

16 08 2006

Once you have seen this show, you can’t NOT watch. I was even at the grocery store the other day and had to stop myself from yelling “Flaa-vaa Flaav” at some little guy wearing bright clothes. That would have been especially rude coming from me, a chubby, 31 year old with an 11 month old who hates rap…

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