All the Ladies….

9 08 2006

Check him out. There are a few things I’d like to point out about this photo.
1. This scrumptious creature sprung forth from my body. Yeah, it actually went just like that, pushing under five minutes! My point is that I made him.
2. You may be able to tell that his eyelashes are thirty-three miles long and his eyes are as blue as the clear summer sky in the late afternoon.
3. His freckles will forever give him the appearance of a man-cub, and he’ll grow up to use it to his advantage. I know this for a fact.
4. He is sewing the fabric-y part of the pillow cover I knitted. While he was sewing he said, “Mama, sewing has to be my new hobby.” I love this boy. YarnBoy, would you like to come over for coffee and general fun? (Scroll down a bit with YarnBoy, there’s a bit of a discussion about boys doing “girly” crap like knitting and sewing and wearing nightgowns.) ((And I say “crap” not becuase I think it’s crap in itself, but that it’s crap to label those activities as girly.))

I love my son so much. I love both my kids, duh. I dig it that they knit and sew. I love it that they play baseball, soccer, karate, swimming. I dig my kids. They’re some crazy ass people.




4 responses

9 08 2006

I would gladly give you a tonne of yarn if you would give him an action man (GI Joe), for the love of…..

11 08 2006

OK. I’ll byte.
He looks like he spends a lot of his time out in all weather’s. you know, skateboarding and the like, yes?
But who is the other one? You talk about two children.

And who is this Floyd that you mention in past posts?

11 08 2006

flolyd landis! the tour de france! which started in england this year, of all places.

oh ed. i worry more and more.

12 08 2006
Penny Karma

The fruit of your loins are gorgeous, gorgeous kids.

And I can’t believe Ed didn’t know Floyd Landis.

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