Oh Floyd.

7 08 2006

Call me crazy (crazy!) but I truly think that Floyd is being completely honest when he says he hasn’t ever taken any banned or illegal substances. I believe Floyd. Completely. And it makes me sad that he’s going through this, but it’s good to know he’s fighting this. I’ve read nearly every article that’s been put out in the world about this. His amazing win after The Very Bad Day was simply incredible, and that was all Floyd and nothin’ but Floyd. Testosterone could not have produced that incredible ride. Ugh. I tell you why I adore Floyd so much. He’s a very interesting person, very funny and snarky. And his wife has a daughter who is now Floyd’s. Not that I know him personally, I’ve just read a lot. In a TOTALLY non-stalkerish way. No worries.
So, hang in there, Floyd. I believe in you.




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7 08 2006

The sad thing about doping is that yes, testosterone alone would not lead to amazing feats, but it would give a bit of a boost. Those who dope risk not getting credit for the incredibly hard work, possible fortunate genetics, and huge sacrifices that lead to a win.

[I personally have no opinion on whether this guy was wrong or no – just my $0.02 – man, can you believe that there is space for a “windows” key that I have never used on this keyboard, but no cents symbol?]

7 08 2006

Oh my dear sweet one. How I do loveth this bloggie. And amazingly… it makes me very much want to learn to knit.

Like, immediately. It shall be something fun and crafty that my Mama and I can do together. Inspired by you, mon ami!

And also, I am hopping up and down thinking about how fabulous my blankie shall be (in Madison, where I shall need its warmth oh so desperately).

xx A

7 08 2006
P del F

Ohhh my sweet darling knitty head, how I do love this bloggie. It is so very much making me want to learn to knit — something my Mama offered just last week to re-teach me (only for reals this time). So I am feeling inspired and am going to take her up on this offer. And I shall share time with my sweet Mama. Inspired by you.

And… in reading these lovely words, I have become even more excited about my in-progress BLANKIE OF LOVE! Which, I’ve decided, I shall need so desperately in Madison for its warmth, both in terms literal and metaphoric. 🙂

xx A

11 08 2006

Right… this Floyd guy… you don’t know him,yes?… He don’t know you, hmm?


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