Behold! Penny Karma’s Brilliance! and My First Real Knitted Thing!

6 08 2006

Why is she so good to me? Check out my button that PK not only made especially for me, but also explained to my lame butt how to get it working. Thank you, PK! If there is someone in your life you know can’t leave blog buttons unclicked and you wish to torture them with my blog, by all means take the button!
And now… check this out! Here is the very first thing I’ve ever knit from a pattern. It’s the Sophie bag from I’m sure they won’t thank me for dragging their name through my mud, but there we have it. There are shots in progress, pre-felting, felting, completed, and then being modeled by my nine year-old daughter who insisted on wearing her new outfit.
I wish that someone had told me just how horrendously BAD this thing would smell when run through the washer. This just drove home the fact that I don’t aspire to sheep farm farmership, especially in damp climates. Pee-yoo. Peeyoo. Without further ado, but more adoration of Penny_Karma, I give you The Bag. (She’s for my seester who has graciously agreed to spend NoThanksgivng with us!) *Special thanks to the lovely knitty girls Wonky, Poppins, and Denise, who helped me to realize that no, I was not supposed to knit two rectangles for the bottom.

It’s done! Hooray! This is one and most of another skein of Knit Pick’s WOTA in Fern and a smidge of Mystical Creation Yarn’s Deep Water wool/silk blend which does not felt. But it looks nice.

I had a devil of a time finding the right felting apparatus for this thing. A casserole dish, two blocks from Nolan’s closet, and a bajallion bags from Fry’s did the trick.

Here it is in its completed glory resting on the pimpalicious blanket I made a few years ago.

Also, yes, she has on some startlingly …. noticeable lipstick. The Lancome counter bestowed gifts upon me when I spent Madagascar’s GDP on their Hypnose and their mask for icky skin, and since I never wear lipstick I gave it to Chlo. Yep. It’s just for fun, so please, no lectures on baby divas and junior beauty queens.


And yes, this formatting is a mess. I shall figure it out another day. Right now I am transfixed by Selma Hayak in From Dusk Til Dawn, pouring whiskey down her leg so that is runs down into Quentin Tarantino’s mouth, where her lovely toes are perched. Oh my heavens, if that’s not the hottest scene in a movie ever.




9 responses

6 08 2006

I trawl blog space and i’m amazed at the amount of knitware related sites, it just baffles me that a 21st century medium is being used for, well, knitting. This is in no way meant to be offensive I’m just amaxed is all.

6 08 2006

ed is a weirdo!

Cute bag and cute kidlet!

6 08 2006

I love the bag! The contrasting yarn in the middle is a beautiful touch.

You have a beautiful daughter, btw!! 🙂

7 08 2006

From Dusk Til Dawn is one of my favorite movies ever! And, I love your sophie bag! It came out much better than mine 🙂

7 08 2006

What a chic bag and chic model! I like the color combination a lot.

7 08 2006
Penny Karma

Yes, I agree, Penny Karma is da bomb.

And so is your lil girl.

And so is Salma Hayek.

And so are you.

7 08 2006
Penny Karma

Wait a second… is that JonBenet??

7 08 2006

you’re a freak, super freak, you’re super freaky!

7 08 2006

WOW, I love that bag!! Seriously. I don’t do purses or bags. Seriously on that too. But that bag is GREAT.


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