Prostitutes and Happy Tidings

4 08 2006

This has nothing to do with sex, there will be no pictures, please go away if that’s what you’re after.

I’m happy to see that Lisa Ling is Oprah’s new Boots on the Ground telejournalist. There are many reasons I admire Lisa Ling. She’s so well-spoken, unapologetically intelligent, but entirely comfortable to be around. I’d invite her over for margaritas and my Killer Guacamole. Oprah is showing Lisa’s undercover story on prostitution. Lisa’s story on gangs in Mexico’s jails creeped me out and raised my admiration for her. To go into such a place without a single worry for her gorgeous hair took some fortitude, my lovelies. This prostitution story, though, makes me angry. How is it not entrapment for cops to sit in semis at a truck stop, invite the prostitutes over to their truck, initiate a conversation that is a blatant solicitation for sex-for-hire, and then arrest the woman? Come ON. Can’t we please spend more time and tax-payer dollars on busting meth labs which are a bigger detriment to society than women who charge for their lovin’? Or is that too difficult and scary? Far easier to make your Bust Quota on the 19 year-old college student single mom makng $15 the hard way at the truck stop than it is on drug dealers, child molestors, rapists…. Yeah. (And no, I most certainly do noy subscribe to the myth that all cops are heroes. Some of them are real bullies. Edited out my bad language, sorry! And some of them are fantastic human beings. There.) Ok. I best let this go now. Lisa Ling. Such beautiful hair, and I loved her on the National Geographic channel.

Oprah, you hugging that woman, telling her she’s not used up and hookin’ is what she does, not who she IS nearly set me to tears. I wouldn’t DARE invite Oprah over for margs and g-mole.

Happy tidings now. I am nearly done with the Sophie purse that threatened to bust my noggin for so long. And because there is no point lying to you, here’s where I was stumped. The directions were easy enough- cast on 30 stitches, knit 34 rows, blah blah blah. I thought I had to do that twice, and could not figure out how in the world this was going to make a flat-bottom bag. (Hey, that’s my ex-mother-in-law! A flat-bottomed bag!) So here it is in its semi-finished almost-glory. I’ll post more pics when it’s done. This place needed some livening up.

There she is! You can’t see it here because of my sly arranging, but there’s what I’m choosing to call a temporary window in the bottom of the bag. Sounds not as scary as ‘hole’.




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