So it’s come to this, has it?

21 07 2006

Ten years ago I lived in southern Spain. It was no big deal to spend a weekend in Portugal, visit Morocco, go on a shopping spree in Gibraltar. I loved it, and yes, I appreciated every one of those four years. Made what I could of those opportunities. That was ten years ago. Today what passes for a super treat is buying a steam cleaner. Tomorrow has been designated, nay, set aside, as Carpet Steaming Day. I am beside myself. I truly, and this is no BS here, cannot wait to steam my carpets. Shop the market in Tangiers? Bah. Swim in the aquamarine seas on the shore of Albufeira? Pish posh. Stroll through ancient Moorish ruins? Please. There are carpets to be steamed! There is something so singularly satisfying about steam cleaning a carpet. Instant gratification. And cleanliness. So it’s not foreign travel. So it’s not ancient ruins. So it’s not sun-soaked golden sand with hot, sun tan-oiled men in bathing suits handing me a margarita.
Dammit, I have to steam clean my carpets tomorrow. Shit.

And now a ray of happiness: my Knit Picks Options needle set arrived. Since it was the middle of the work day I had to FORCE myself not to open the box. I would have sat on my hands, but then O productivity where art thou? I tell you what. If Hattori Hanzo made knitting needles, he would make these. And I, his brown-haired warrior, am out.




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22 07 2006

Oh knitpicks… how can you not rip it open and PLAY!!! You have a lot of self control.

I have no carpets myself… so I wash the kitchen floor, by hand. Silly me. But a mop just doesn’t work as well! And the end result is so. so. satisfying. Till the kids come in… πŸ™‚

22 07 2006

That must have been so exciting living in southern Spain! (not to take away from the enormity of steam cleaning carpets of course! πŸ™‚ )

28 07 2006

Isn’t it sad how dull our lives become as we get older? I’m kind of looking forward to dementing – at least it will mix things up a bit.

1 08 2006

I took a picture of my cat last night and I posted it on my blog because the floor underneath him looked so beautifully shiny and free of grit. The cat thinks the post is about him, but I know it’s really about the Roomba. That was the most exciting thing to happen to me this week. Grit-free floor. How did it come to this? πŸ™‚

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