Run away! Run away! Be free!

17 07 2006

Yes, I did knit this thing on purpose. This is what happens when you don’t know how to knit, you WANT to knit, and you don’t bother figuring out a color scheme or knititng pattern.

It’s trying to escape. See it sneaking all stealthy-like through the bush? It thinks it’s a green mamba.

And here it is trying to slither down into the wash. It nearly blends in with the desert landscape!

Here we see its final bid for freedom. Silly! You’re not a green mamba!

Yeah, if I were still hell-bent on knitting this thing, I might be worried about the random bits o’ nature and crap that are now stuck in this blob. Hooray for the impending arrival of my KP needles and yarn!




3 responses

17 07 2006

Could it be road kill of some kind? Especially the way it is trying to escape? What kind of yarn is that anyway? Enjoy your knitpicks!!

20 07 2006

Oh I just about snorted my coffee. That was very amusing!

23 08 2006

Ooooh – it looks so soft and sqooshy, though. i want to cuddle it . . .

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