Just when you thought that things….

17 07 2006

Couldn’t get any better? Couldn’t get any worse? Either. Is it possible to be driven mad by antibiotics? Ever since I started taking the amoxicillin for my throat/ear maladies, I’ve been in a serious down-funk. That’s ridiculous though, isn’t it? It is. Ah well. Almost done, and this too shall pass.

This weekend was jam-packed, non-stop action. Friday evening we went to a Diamondbacks game. I won tickets from a radio station (and I never listen to that station; when Howard Stern left they completely revamped their program and now have Tom Leykus on in the late afternoon. If anyone does a google search for that horrible man and starts listening to his show, then I have done you a disservice.) simply by calling in and explaining why it is that I love William Shatner as much as I do. The ball game was fun, there was some Crazy Spirit Lady way up in the nose bleed seats with us. She was a MANIAC, whirling her gigantic flags and shaking her pom poms. And then, after the second inning, she packed up and left! Very strange. If I’d been able to snap a picture of her on the sly I would have. She was something!

Saturday morning found us at the kids’ game. Quickest game EVER which rocked the casbah as it was already 10000000000 degrees at 10am. After the game the girl child and I went to Ikea. And this time, we had a PLAN. We’d scoured the catalog to find what we wanted, quickly buzzed through the showroom to find the items and write down their bin locations, and made it down to the bins in record time. I tell you what, Ikea can suck you of your will to live. We made it out of there after dropping 400 clams, which was nice! $400 for a dresser, two bedside tables, duvet covers galore and some margarita glasses? Nice. No, this isn’t heirloom furniture, but for a 9 year-old girl and an 8 year-old boy, perfection! What also rocks about Ikea furniture is that it can be put together with the two screwdrivers I own, and when it called for things to be hammered, one of my black sandals did the job quite nicely! I think it’s intersteing to note that while I was putting together this furniture, my sweet sweet loverman was doing the grocery shopping. Which brings me to my next point: Jim is the Best Man in the World.

Not only does he do laundry, but he remembers what items do not go on the dryer. It’s not unusual to see my underthings hanging to dry on the laundry room doorknobs. This is such a little thing, but it’s HUGE. He does the laundry (WOW, huge on its own) he remembers which things don’t go in the dryer (he pays attention to me!) and he’s so helpful. Oh how I love this man. Even when he makes me watch crap like The Amityville Horror.

Here’s my Tour de France KAL update. It will take every ounce of my shady will power to finish this when my KP needles arrive. The Dallas Sortation Center mocks me, it mocks me something fierce. I know the DSC cannot knit, why must it retain its greedy grip on my needles? Why?

Tour de France KAL- pillow cover and COFFEE!

And now, gentle reader, the moment for which we’ve all been waiting, the $60 yarn. It’s gorgeous, I love the colors! It feels so substantial, neither scratchy nor slick. It has a delightfully light scent, which makes me wonder if it was colored with kool aid. I doubt it, but then again, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this experience, it’s that I have no clue when it comes to yarn.

Thank you to the wonderful Knittyheads who told me to
wind my yarn with a lampshade! 100% tangle free!!

Here it is in its un-balled form. Looks like Monet!

Now here’s my real quandry- I have no idea what to do with it. I thought about a Clapotis, but a) I am very lazy and b) have NO attention span. I want to knit real things, beautiful things. And to do that, I must not be lazy and I must pay attention. Will this yarn and the Claoptis pattern do each other justice? The yarn is a wool/silk blend, kinda think and thin in places. Any helpful suggestions would be welcomed most heartily!

And I’ve babbled on and on and on. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!




2 responses

17 07 2006

It’s beautiful and worth every penny. Whatever you decide to knit with it, will be stunning.

18 07 2006

Yes! Clapotis! It’s in sections, just when you think you can’t stand it anymore, you get to drop a stitch, or change something! And, the colors will be gorgeous!

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