Wah wah wah.

13 07 2006

If I created a post now, it would be about how truly despicable my ex-husbuand is, how my sweet loverman can’t possibly truly love me, and how I fear my kids will forget all about me when they’re with their father. But that would be crazy talk (except for the despicable ex). That would be PMS talk. I’m too grumpy to write about my excitement that my KP needles and gorgeous yarn are in the mail. I’m too grumpy to whine AGAIN about the billion dollar yarn I waaaaaaaaaaaaaay overbid on eBay. I’m a crab ass, and for that I apologize. At least I have Kill Bill playing, and that always helps. Working at home RULES. Ok, back to work.

*I’d also whine about the disgusting, 5-inch cockroach that was in the parking lot of our complex. But it was dead, so I won’t.




One response

14 07 2006

We all have those days and the yarn is BEAUTIFUL. Your “over bid” (which really is less then full price), incited me to put in a big order from that same company. Now, I keep checking my email since their website says they don’t start pulling your order together until you pay. I want to make sure I pay ASAP in order to get the yarn in my greedy hands to pet and love as quickly as I can. Anyway, I with you on that whole cranky pants feeling.

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