Heartwarming, footwarming.

10 07 2006

Aaaah, here they are. These are the very first non-scarf items I ever knitted. Now, since they’re in the standard knit one row, purl one row routine, they could very well be scarf like. However, they are sewn around sole inserts, so they’re officially Something Other Than a Scarf. Please note the incredibly sloppy appearance. This is what gives them their charm, or so I tell myself. I would totally wear these (and ok, I tried them on) knowing that the person who made them for me had her heart in the right place, even if her needles and yarn were not. They’re like Shar-peis, or Cabbage Patch Kids- so ugly that they’re adorable!

This weekend my sweet sweet lover man took me to dinner to celebrate my upcoming birthday. We went to a wonderful, tiny little French restaurant, and it was magnificent! We had brie brule, followed by Roquefort salad, and an amazing fillet mignon. Oh so good. I’d rant and rave about it more, but I’m very sick at the moment and need to take my sorry self to the doctor.

But first, this: I want to thank PeatBogFaery for starting the Knitty Challenge-Along forum. I needed it, and it’s great to be surrounded (in a sense) by other people who are setting out important goals, too. Thanks, PBF!




2 responses

10 07 2006

Those slippers are great. I’d totally wear them around the house.

10 07 2006
Wendy Merganser

Hi there. It’s late at night and I have no idea how I ended up here (the maze of the internet) but I thought I’d say “hi”. I like your sense of humor – cool blog. Coincidentally, I started knitting in December too. I have finished….a sock. I do have two feet, so I’d better get going on sock #2.

Have a good one!

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