Knitalong update! and Pirate Couture.

3 07 2006

Hooray for the Tour de France knitalong! I’m very happy to have rekindled my love of knitting. Actually, it wasn’t yet love a few weeks ago, I remember the precise moment knitting and I fell in love. Just like with babies or men, you know the very moment they settle or explode or flutter into your heart. Wait, what?

Ok. So my official knitalong project is a pillow cover to go with the new couch my loverman and I are ordering next week. Since I am still as unschooled at blogging as I am at knitting fancy/complicated things, it’s the single-color shot down there, the green one. It’s a self-striping yarn from Feza in their Hawaii line. Not sure of the color because I thought Hawaii WAS the color!! The four-colored shot is my UN-official project, it’s going to be a blanket for one of my dear sweet friends. Her birthday is the 19th, so that race is on, too! Eeks.

This is a pillow cover. Oh so soft!

This is a blanket. Also oh so soft!

I tell you, that grey is the devil to work with, and if anyone has any helpful hints on working a somewhat velcro-ish yarn on size 15 circulars, I’d be happy to hear them!

I’m happy that Thor is riding today. I googled his homepage and, despite my years as a French linguist, decided to translate the page. Apparently, Thor had a big “freight” yesterday, and a green hand paraphanalia caused this “freight.” Thor’s quote was in perfect English, which got me to thinking about my History of Communication course that I took a few years ago while finishing my undergrad degree. One of the Greeks said that nothing can be communicated, and even if it can, there’s no way for the other party to communicate that understanding, and even if the understanding can be communicated, and by now you get the point and I’m starting to tweak out on the word communicate.

What makes me giggle today are the shots of Jimmy Casper and his gold hoop earrings. I don’t know if he put them on after the race (and I would think he had, because, heavens, if you’re a man and you go to all the trouble to shave your legs, why would you wear rather sizeable gold hoop earrings while racing?) for the green jersey donning, but it’s giggle-inducing. Jimmy Casper, Pirate Couture victim of the day.

Working at home, I have a rather bad habit of always having my work email going. That turned out to be a good thing today, as there was in email waiting for me alerting me that today can be a floating holiday if I so choose. To quote one of my favotire movies, HECK YES! This means I’m going to catch up on my projects, mabe take the chil’rens to the pool, and not feel at all guilty that I’m knititng during working hours. It’s a sickness. But a produtive one!




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17 07 2006

is it too late to join in on this partay?–>

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