Floyd, say it isn’t so. (bad words abound)

27 07 2006

You know, before I knew you, I made fun of your name. “He sure LOOKS like a Floy-duh!” But then I watched you tear it UP. I read that article about you that also included my One True Cycling Love, Dave Zabriskie. And I liked you, a whole lot. My heart broke for you the day you sorta died. But then, that amazing comeback! Say it isn’t so, Floyd. Tell me you didn’t take something that would give you an illegal leg up, even though that leg needs a new hip. If it’s true, if you were doing The Bad Thing, tell me how. When you knew full well you’d be tested, how could you do such a thing? You’re obviously no dumb-ass, but that’s a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal dumb-ass thing to do, Floyd.
Sweet Sweet Lover Man says that the pressure on cyclists is IMMENSE, that the sponsors pay upwards of $250k to get their names on your jersey and the riders had better deliver. Therein lies the real crime. Do those people not watch Oprah? Did they not watch yesterday when Anderson Cooper was talking about his trips to Sudan and Rwanda? Did they not see those tiny, hopelessly malnourished babies who are dying? And the sponsors spend $250k for a fucking shirt? Pardon my language, Floyd. You can tell I’m rather incensed, can’t you? Professional sports, man. It’s not about athleticism anymore. It’s not about the unity of the physical and mental self. It’s about the sponsors. You can argue that no, it’s the love of sport. But if that’s so, why do sports teams play in arenas that are named not after great athletes, but after credit card companies? Or The Staples Center. Bank One Ballpark. Oh wait, that’s now Chase Field. It’s ridiculous. And you, Floyd. Jimmy and I told Nolan he has the perfect build to be a pro cyclist. “Look at that guy go! Look at Floyd!” “Yeah, Mama! I can ride like him!” This is an edit now. My young son, I sure hope so. I didn’t make you and Chloe sit through the Oprah show on meth tweakers for nothin’. And if Floyd’s Mama was ok with TV, she would have, too. (Ok, I don’t know if Menonites watch TV or not, so that was blatant religious ignorance. But I fess up to it.)

Floyd, man, I don’t know what’s going on. I guess we’ll find out, and as we all wait, I’m still a fan. You’re an amazing athlete and I recognize that.

Edit again- Here’s what a dork I am: I googled Robbie Ventura (Floyd’s coach) to get to his coaching website. Lo and behold, there was an email address. So I emailed Vision Quest to tell them how sad this is and how Floyd has my support and best wishes. I got a lovely response from Dave Noda at VQ, which was very nice. Oh Floyd. One of the knittyheads said it best- this just shows that you’re even MORE of a man!


Favorite Color Swap! Hooray!

23 07 2006

I love this idea, and I’ve been having a marvelous time reading the blogs of the other participants!
Hooray favorite color swap!

1. What are your top three favorite colors?
in no particular order- browns, soft greens, and peachpink.

2. What crafts do you really enjoy?
so far, i totally love knititng even though i’m so new at it.

3. What products do you really covet?
you mean besides that couch we just ordered? anything knitting related, probably stitch markers. other-related, one can never have too much lip gloss. on at one time, yes. total in one’s possession, no.

4. What other activities do you enjoy besides your favorite crafty things?
i love to read. i love road-tripping. swimming with my kids. i’m having a hard time coming up with anything, which is rather sad. i guess i work too much, and this summer my free time has been devoted to the kids’ baseball/swim team/karate schedule. yikes. i need a life….

5. Is there anything you collect?
lanterns. books. shakespeare-related things. invader zim things! i love invader zim. particularly gir.

6. What is your zodiac sign and/or Chinese zodiac symbol?
i’m a cancer born in the year of the tiger. we have a joke in my family about the years we’re all born in: the tiger, the rat, the silly goose, the pain in the booty….

7.What are your favorite…

coffee! gardenia. chocolate!

…types of music and/or bands?
music- imogen heap, depeche mode, the killers, simon and garfunkle, muse.

shakespeare, of course. barbara kingsolver. david sedaris, sarah vowell.

my kids.

…places to shop?
oooh. well, what am i buying? that is the real question. but i will always go to target.

before i moved to this forsaken wasteland, i loved spring and fall. here, though, we have only one season. actually two. hot and unbelievably hot.

…yarn/fabric/paper/other craft supplies?
yarn, i don’t know that i have a favorite. lately i’ve been falling in love with wool in anticipation of felting things. but i love the yarn i bought for way too much money, it’s the blue/green you see below in another blog entry. at some point i do plan on having a go at the perdita pattern, so my favorite will be whatever yarn is necessary for that.

…candies or goodies?
chocolate! oh i love chocolate. and chocolate covered gummi bears or coffee beans. mmmm….

8. Do you have any wish lists?
not really, nothing besides winning the lottery, a smaller butt, world peace…

9. Are you allergic to anything?
dirty dishes. i can’t go anywhere near them! 😉

10. Do you have any pets? What are they?
i do not have pets. sometimes i think i want to have a smallish dog, but then i realize that i don’t. anything that can’t clean up its own poo is best left with another person. unless it’s a baby someone wants me to babysit, and then the poo rule obviously doesn’t apply.

11. Please include anything else you would like your secret pal to know about you- anything that would be helpful in finding you little gifts that you will really enjoy.
truthfully, i’m so tickled by surprises, it could be a pencil eraser and i’d be touched! (but i already have a few, so ….. maybe not.)

and there we have it!

So it’s come to this, has it?

21 07 2006

Ten years ago I lived in southern Spain. It was no big deal to spend a weekend in Portugal, visit Morocco, go on a shopping spree in Gibraltar. I loved it, and yes, I appreciated every one of those four years. Made what I could of those opportunities. That was ten years ago. Today what passes for a super treat is buying a steam cleaner. Tomorrow has been designated, nay, set aside, as Carpet Steaming Day. I am beside myself. I truly, and this is no BS here, cannot wait to steam my carpets. Shop the market in Tangiers? Bah. Swim in the aquamarine seas on the shore of Albufeira? Pish posh. Stroll through ancient Moorish ruins? Please. There are carpets to be steamed! There is something so singularly satisfying about steam cleaning a carpet. Instant gratification. And cleanliness. So it’s not foreign travel. So it’s not ancient ruins. So it’s not sun-soaked golden sand with hot, sun tan-oiled men in bathing suits handing me a margarita.
Dammit, I have to steam clean my carpets tomorrow. Shit.

And now a ray of happiness: my Knit Picks Options needle set arrived. Since it was the middle of the work day I had to FORCE myself not to open the box. I would have sat on my hands, but then O productivity where art thou? I tell you what. If Hattori Hanzo made knitting needles, he would make these. And I, his brown-haired warrior, am out.


18 07 2006

I habitually check PrincessMelissa.com for updates.
I love Kathy Griffin.
I love Project Runway.
I love Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
I ate three cookies today.
I drink too much coffee.
I wake up my kids after they fall asleep by kissing them too much.
I suck at doing laundry.
I suck at doing dishes.
I work at home and am perhaps less productive than I would be in an office. Or perhaps this is just how this job goes.
I laugh at inappropriate things.
I spend more time reading about things I want to do than actually doing them.
I hope my ex-husband dies in a freak accident involving cleaning products and snake venom.
I’d leave Jim for Joaquin Phoenix.
I really really want to get married, Joaquin Phoenix be damned.
I’m 32, and I feel as though in some ways I haven’t matured at all.
I have no idea how to achieve personal growth, or even what that really is.
I fall asleep every time I try to meditate.

After all this, I need to go meditate.

Run away! Run away! Be free!

17 07 2006

Yes, I did knit this thing on purpose. This is what happens when you don’t know how to knit, you WANT to knit, and you don’t bother figuring out a color scheme or knititng pattern.

It’s trying to escape. See it sneaking all stealthy-like through the bush? It thinks it’s a green mamba.

And here it is trying to slither down into the wash. It nearly blends in with the desert landscape!

Here we see its final bid for freedom. Silly! You’re not a green mamba!

Yeah, if I were still hell-bent on knitting this thing, I might be worried about the random bits o’ nature and crap that are now stuck in this blob. Hooray for the impending arrival of my KP needles and yarn!

Just when you thought that things….

17 07 2006

Couldn’t get any better? Couldn’t get any worse? Either. Is it possible to be driven mad by antibiotics? Ever since I started taking the amoxicillin for my throat/ear maladies, I’ve been in a serious down-funk. That’s ridiculous though, isn’t it? It is. Ah well. Almost done, and this too shall pass.

This weekend was jam-packed, non-stop action. Friday evening we went to a Diamondbacks game. I won tickets from a radio station (and I never listen to that station; when Howard Stern left they completely revamped their program and now have Tom Leykus on in the late afternoon. If anyone does a google search for that horrible man and starts listening to his show, then I have done you a disservice.) simply by calling in and explaining why it is that I love William Shatner as much as I do. The ball game was fun, there was some Crazy Spirit Lady way up in the nose bleed seats with us. She was a MANIAC, whirling her gigantic flags and shaking her pom poms. And then, after the second inning, she packed up and left! Very strange. If I’d been able to snap a picture of her on the sly I would have. She was something!

Saturday morning found us at the kids’ game. Quickest game EVER which rocked the casbah as it was already 10000000000 degrees at 10am. After the game the girl child and I went to Ikea. And this time, we had a PLAN. We’d scoured the catalog to find what we wanted, quickly buzzed through the showroom to find the items and write down their bin locations, and made it down to the bins in record time. I tell you what, Ikea can suck you of your will to live. We made it out of there after dropping 400 clams, which was nice! $400 for a dresser, two bedside tables, duvet covers galore and some margarita glasses? Nice. No, this isn’t heirloom furniture, but for a 9 year-old girl and an 8 year-old boy, perfection! What also rocks about Ikea furniture is that it can be put together with the two screwdrivers I own, and when it called for things to be hammered, one of my black sandals did the job quite nicely! I think it’s intersteing to note that while I was putting together this furniture, my sweet sweet loverman was doing the grocery shopping. Which brings me to my next point: Jim is the Best Man in the World.

Not only does he do laundry, but he remembers what items do not go on the dryer. It’s not unusual to see my underthings hanging to dry on the laundry room doorknobs. This is such a little thing, but it’s HUGE. He does the laundry (WOW, huge on its own) he remembers which things don’t go in the dryer (he pays attention to me!) and he’s so helpful. Oh how I love this man. Even when he makes me watch crap like The Amityville Horror.

Here’s my Tour de France KAL update. It will take every ounce of my shady will power to finish this when my KP needles arrive. The Dallas Sortation Center mocks me, it mocks me something fierce. I know the DSC cannot knit, why must it retain its greedy grip on my needles? Why?

Tour de France KAL- pillow cover and COFFEE!

And now, gentle reader, the moment for which we’ve all been waiting, the $60 yarn. It’s gorgeous, I love the colors! It feels so substantial, neither scratchy nor slick. It has a delightfully light scent, which makes me wonder if it was colored with kool aid. I doubt it, but then again, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this experience, it’s that I have no clue when it comes to yarn.

Thank you to the wonderful Knittyheads who told me to
wind my yarn with a lampshade! 100% tangle free!!

Here it is in its un-balled form. Looks like Monet!

Now here’s my real quandry- I have no idea what to do with it. I thought about a Clapotis, but a) I am very lazy and b) have NO attention span. I want to knit real things, beautiful things. And to do that, I must not be lazy and I must pay attention. Will this yarn and the Claoptis pattern do each other justice? The yarn is a wool/silk blend, kinda think and thin in places. Any helpful suggestions would be welcomed most heartily!

And I’ve babbled on and on and on. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Wah wah wah.

13 07 2006

If I created a post now, it would be about how truly despicable my ex-husbuand is, how my sweet loverman can’t possibly truly love me, and how I fear my kids will forget all about me when they’re with their father. But that would be crazy talk (except for the despicable ex). That would be PMS talk. I’m too grumpy to write about my excitement that my KP needles and gorgeous yarn are in the mail. I’m too grumpy to whine AGAIN about the billion dollar yarn I waaaaaaaaaaaaaay overbid on eBay. I’m a crab ass, and for that I apologize. At least I have Kill Bill playing, and that always helps. Working at home RULES. Ok, back to work.

*I’d also whine about the disgusting, 5-inch cockroach that was in the parking lot of our complex. But it was dead, so I won’t.