In which I discuss learning to knit.

30 06 2006

Well. I started knitting in December, when my daughter asked for a Klutz Press knitting how-to. Santa obliged. Santa rules. We sat down with the book and taught ourselves to knit. Uh-huh. Boy that was frustrating. After a while we had what perhaps resembled a scarf and promptly foisted it off on my son. He’s so sweet, all he did was giggle and say “Thanks!”
After that, I decided that I could crochet, as well. Huh. What I could actually do was make caterpillars. Nice. And The Letter C. I gave that up are returned to knitting, which I now love.
So I’m making a blanket. What’s also important here is that I am a) horrible and math and b) have a really crummy attention span. This means that I bought some circular needles, some yarn, cast on as many stitches as I could fit, and started knitting. Did I have a pattern? No. Did I have a color plan? No. What did I have? I had circular needles and yarn. I’ve just been knitting on this thing until I tire of the color, tie on a new one, and go from there. No style. No finesse. Just yarn. I’ve done things that would make experienced knitters shudder and say in a soft voice “That’s not true knitting, miss. It’s just a tangle with … with … flair.” And yes, when they say “flair” they will say it in the Jennifer Aniston in The Office sense of the word flair.

The other evening I made my first trip out to a real live yarn store. It was wonderful, I found some green yarn that I had to have, it was so soft and luscious, I could not keep my hands off of it. My sweetheart picked out some weird, random popcorn blob yarn that he insisted would be great in The Blanket. Fine, I bought it. I got home, turned the skein of yarn into a thousand tangles, and spent the next three hours unmessing it. I then paired it with the popcorn crapola and added three rows to The Blanket. That was a bad bad idea, so I took the whole thing off the circular needles. I figured, to heck with it, I’m just going to start all over. Then I remembered the bajillion hours I’d already put into it and, after taking out the green (an act which somehow left the popcorn crapola safely entwined, don’t ask me!) I got my first real glimpse of just how gorgeous and big and snuggly The Blanket will be. So I strung it back on. The popcorn looks pretty good, whish surprised me. Nice!
But what to do with that gorgeous green, which is named Hawaii? I’ve decided to make squares, a million of them, and then stitch them together all blanket like. That will take…. three years. Hopefully. But it’s ok, it gave me something to do with that gorgeous green. I’ll put up some pictures when I have something picture-worthy.




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