OldLadyPenPal Sings the Blues

22 06 2006

I’d like to know, but first, greetings.

I am on a semi-quest, a hunt if sorts. And this is no active hunt, this is a Stevens Point, Wisconsin*, deer blind hunt, the kind during which we sit back in a comfy little tree house type abode, with perhaps a TV and absolutely some Point Beer. In these deer blinds, we (and by we I mean hunters, which I am not but it will serve) sit and wait for our prey. So you see it’s not an active but, rather, a passive hunt. A waiting in which we make ourselves as comfortable as possible.

This quest. I don’t think it’s so much inner peace I need so much as outer peace. I would like oh so much for some key people to become a diminished presence, and I would very much like to channel my inner Bhoddisatva and be able to ignore the asshole nature of others to the extent that I don’t even see it as asshole nature to be ignored. How will I do this? Be thankful for what I have ? Be grateful for what I maybe DON’T have? Surely it will become clear. I just hope that it doesn’t require too much effort, because I’m lazy. Hopeful, but lazy.

One thing that right this moment makes me quite pleased is the return of Reno 911. It’s a small thing. One must start somewhere.

* I don’t live there. I did, and it was pleasant, but I’m no longer there. Does that matter? I don’t know. I’ll go on a mad Google of people, and I know I always appreciate a heads up on where not to look. I’m not there. Stop looking for me there. I’m here, and what I want to know is where the hell are you? Yes, you. I scan the list of CNN.com casualties looking for you.




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